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Collomix XM 2 650 Heavy Duty Forced-Action Mixer

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SKU XM 2 650

Technical Data: XM

Mixing Quantity: 13 gal (49.21 l)

Bucket Capacity: 17 gal (64.35 l)

Voltage 110V, Output 1.5 hp

Two Mixing Tools for different viscosities

Two mixing speeds for flexible use, Rotational Speed 120/630 RPM, Empty Weight 231 lb (ca. 105 kg)-Planetary Gearing for 2-mixing speeds, Includes timer.

Designed for complex, multi-component materials-Ideal for complex, multi-component materials. Special effectiveness due to the intensive, thorough mixing of the material in a short time. Nearly all low as well as high viscosity materials are mixed well. Perfect mixing results, even in the case of small mixing quantities with a short pot life