Receiving Instructions

Below are the recommended steps to take when receiving freight from the Concrete Decor Store. These steps will help ensure that not only do you have all your materials in good order but also that the correct parties are held responsible for any damages, shortages and/or mistakes.


Do not sign any paperwork from the delivery driver until all pallets have been inspected. No matter what the driver tells you, they cannot leave without a signed BOL from the receiver. You are entitled to make sure that your materials are received in good order. Furthermore, DO NOT let the driver sign for, or make notes, of damages. Many drivers will tell you they will make a note or that they will tell their dispatcher, but very rarely does that result in damages being noted. The receiver MUST note the damages on the BOL. Be sure to also ask for your copy of the receipt.

NOTE: If the driver will not wait, you must note "Driver unable to wait for delivery inspection" on the receipt before proceeding.


If you can, smell inside the truck as the driver (or receiving clerk) begins to unload. Depending on what you are receiving, there may be distinct odor. If you notice any odor, make note that a leak is possible and plan to break down each pallet and inspect for damage before signing the BOL.


Look for visible damage on each pallet including dents, scratches, pokes, tilting, shifting, missing pieces etc.


Count the number of pallets as well as the number of total pieces (pails, boxes, etc.) and ensure that both numbers match the pallet and piece count on the BOL from the driver. If there is a discrepancy in either number, check what is received against what was ordered to ensure that all materials are received. If there are shortages, be sure to mark that on the BOL before signing.


Unfortunately, we cannot be there to see how the order has arrived. Be sure to take pictures or video of any damages or abnormalities with the pallet or products no matter how small it is. Please email any documentation of damaged material to These pictures often prove vital in the claims process with the carriers. We can use these pictures to work with carriers to make a claim on your behalf and prevent it from happening in the future. Without pictures, we cannot process a claim, return or refund on your behalf regardless money spent.


Note any and all damages and/or shortages on the BOL. You can handle the damaged products at that time and then sign the BOL. If damages are present, there are two ways to handle them at the time of receipt of the shipment.

1) You have the right to deny any unwanted damaged material. This can be done by denying the entire shipment or consolidating damaged materials and denying just those items. If you have issues with any products you can elect to decline receipt of those products, whether it is one gallon, one pail or a full pallet.

If you are not comfortable handling the damaged product, you can deny it and the carrier will take the proper action to return it.

Note: You will not receive a refund on damaged/missing product unless it is documented on the BOL and there are pictures from the time of delivery on file with your order.

2) You can also choose to accept the damaged products if you are in immediate need of them. Typically, it is only recommended to do this if the damage is not significant enough to affect the material (ie: Pails are dented, scratched, etc. but not leaking). PLEASE still make note of the damage on the driver’s BOL before signing it and allowing the driver to leave. If dented and damaged pails are accepted and no note is made on the BOL, the Concrete Decor Store is not liable for credits, discounts, replacements, etc.


Report any damages, discrepancies or issues to as soon as possible. Oftentimes, freight carriers have a window when claims can be made/accepted. Send pictures and details of damage and the BOL with noted damage, and we will work quickly to correct any issues on our end.

Note: If concealed damages (dented, leaking, missing containers) are found after the driver has left, please report them to the Concrete Decor Store immediately. We ask that concealed damages are reported within 24 hours as is in most cases the carrier will not accept responsibility for the damage after that window. Again, pictures are extremely helpful with these types of concealed damages are uncovered.

 Download Receiving Instructions PDF