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Collomix TMX 1500 Heavy Duty Extra Capacity Compact Mixer


Includes rim scraper, corner scraper and bottom scraper

Technical Data: Size of mixing tub 40 gal (0.15 cubic meters).
Max. effective mixing volume 32 gal. / 2 cu ft.
Power supply 240 V
Power 3.6 hp

Three Arm-Speed mixing tool 30 rpm-Three Arm (side, corner, bottom) slow RPM mixer for heavy materials. Very robust design. Nearly all-metal construction. Build on a hand-truck chassis, with additional wheels near handles to roll into the back of a pick-up truck.

For high-viscosity materials including concrete, many types of mortar, plasters, cements, stucco. Not suitable for thin flowing materials. Can be outfitted for Terrazzo.