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The Wasp Concrete Engraver

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When it comes to touching up, removing islands, voids, and adding extra details to the engraved pattern, the Mini-Mochton Stylus Wasp Engraver is a handy pneumatic tool. The Wasp is an excellent choice for grout removal.

The Wasp’s name comes from its design and the humming sound produced when it is in use. It has a single reciprocating carbide stylus cutter, called a Stinger, that removes small amounts of concrete (or other materials) a little bit at a time. The Wasp can be used for fine details, touch-ups and free-hand work on a variety of surfaces: plastic, wood, glass, metal of all types, stone, concrete…the list goes on and on. Because of the single-stylus Stinger and the overall streamlined shape of the Wasp, it is easy to hold and work with.

If you can use a pencil, you can use the Wasp. Stinger life depends on variables such as the amount of pressure exerted by the user, angle and depth of engraving, hardness of the surface, and lateral/sideways pressure. Used correctly, the Stinger will give you many hours of engraving. Replacement Stingers are available singly or in a six-pack.

Other Wasp features include…

  • Comes with an 8’ hose and one Stinger
  • Adjustable twist throttle for a variety of jobs
  • Hardened piston and internal components for long life
  • Useful to decorative concrete installers, artists, sculptors, machinists, and many others
  • Rec’d Hose Size ¼”
  • Tool Length 5”
  • Weight 5 oz
  • Air Inlet Thread 1/8”
  • Average Air Consumption 1 cfm @ 90 psi