Lumiere - Metallic Epoxy Coating


Lumiere is a premium quality reflector metallic epoxy flooring system that combines the strength and durability characteristics of industrial coatings and reflective enhancer properties of Lumiere metallic essence. Lumiere metallic pigments are a versatile class of coloring agents, composed of fine particles of malleable metals in elemental form. The significance comes from their ability to provide stunning visual effects that are impossible using traditional organic and metal compound pigments. Lumiere metallic essence retain many of the attributes of the bulk metal, such as solidity (opacity), metallic color, sheen, malleability, ductility and density. Their use as coloring matter reflects this. Aluminum and gold bronze pigments provide the appearance of silver and gold respectively, with the aura of quality and prestige that these metals imply. For this reason, Lumiere designer epoxy flooring is often used in prestige applications to add value.


  • Good clarity and color
  • Low odor during application and cure; can be applied in occupied buildings
  • Low viscosity; easy spreading and wetting properties
  • Available as ‘fast cure’ option

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