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DS3011 Hand-Held Planetary Polisher


The DS3011 Hand-Held Planetary Polisher sets the industry standard for polishing concrete and stone. This model is the second generation of the original DS301 Planetary Polisher, which was the product of the WOC (World Of Concrete) show in 2006. This planetary polisher/grinder is 5 times faster than single-head machines. It uses three 5” diamond polishing, or grinding discs to produce a flatter, swirl-free surface. Powered by the most reliable in the industry's powerful engine Fein®.



  • Active Gear/Chain Driven Transmission.
  • Constant Torque with Base-to-Pad RPM differential.
  • Center coolant feed.
  • Triple sealed bearings.
  • Built-in vacuum port.
  • Operates wet or dry.
  • Slurry/Dust Velcro Skirt with bottom brush.