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Collomix AOX High-Speed Counter Rotating Mixer


Includes rim scraper, paddle and counter-rotating motor for bucket

Size of mixing tub: 17gal/65L

Capacity: Max. 15 gal (56.78 l) or 3 bags
Voltage: 110 V
Speed of mixing tool: 750 rpm
Horsepower: 1.3hp
Weight: 112.5 lb

Stationary mixer with high-speed rotating paddle (two styles included) as well as side/corner/bottom scraper to push materials into the paddle for thorough mixing. In addition, there is a second motor beneath the mixing tub that rotates the turn style in the opposite direction of the paddles for more thorough and complete mixing.

Because of the interchangeable mixing paddles, this mixer is suitable for a variety of materials: mortar, cement, plaster, stucco, floor leveling and more