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The Hurricane has revolutionized the industry!  With its incomparable quality and price point, Latux’s Hurricane Blade positions itself as our #1 selling blade year after year! The Blade stands apart from the competition by its unique design that consists of 84 cooling holes to avoid warping, or wobbling during prolonged periods of cutting. This blade also carries a 10mm laser-welded segment height for speed and endurance. 45 degree angled spacing, which allows the blade to get through the material quicker with a clean and accurate cut. Lastly, every 5th segment is a dropped segment to kick out any debris or slurry, especially when it’s cutting asphalt. This feature of the drop segment also keeps the blade from becoming glazed over.

No blade in the market has this unique patented design that allows cutting of so many applications such as brick, block, concrete, reinforced concrete, brick pavers, clay pavers, bluestone, flagstone, concrete with rebar, concrete with wire mesh, and even granite. The Hurricane Blade is available in multiple sizes: 4.5’’, 7’’, 10’’, 12’’, and 14’’.

The Hurricane blade is one of a kind and this is why it is the #1 blade in the industry! Due to its cost-effectiveness, this blade is truly a contractor’s choice blade and perfect for any industry may it be for masonry contractors, hardscape contractors, concrete contractors, general contractors, or even landscapers. If you have never tried The Hurricane blade, we highly recommend giving it a shot! Get the Hurricane blade out there in the field and run it side by side with what is normally used and track it. See how precise it is. Experience its longevity and durability. Find out why it is the most cost-effective blade and continuously #1. If you have tried the Hurricane blade, you probably still run it!