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Collomix Xo6R Heavy Duty Two-Gear Power Mixer


2.1 hp, 14.5 Amp, 2- Speed ~ 410/580 rpm, includes mixing paddle # MK160HF ~Powerful moter, specifically designed for mixing ~Electronic/Variable Speed Controls w Safety Lock, Ergonomic/Strong Metal-frame grip with rubber bumpers on the edges ~shock resistant housing ~Stainless-steel gears with more teeth ~Two-Speed Gear ~includes patented Hexafix, Quick-Couple Paddle System ~Low Decibel level ~low vibration ~2 Year Warranty ~ Made in Germany

-~very high machine loads, up to 25 gallons or more, 3-4 bags of material.
~ for high viscosities, heavy and sticky materials, like mortar, plaster, concrete, screed, quartz-filled materials, etc.
~ Professional tool for the tough daily use at the building site.
-~Collomix hand-held mixers are used for small batch professional mixing of jobsite materials. These materials may include everything from paint and lacquers all the way up to complex materials such as Glass-Fibre reinforced concrete---and everthing in between. Our mixers allow the contractor to work more efficiently and quickly while greatly reducing worker fatigue and strain. ~Because our paddle designs are the most effecient and modern on the market, the contractor will find that they help to eliminate improper mixing, lumps, air bubbles and the concentration of the materials at the bottom