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Scanmaskin Combiflex 650 Propane Concrete Grinder

SKU 560500WT

The ScanCombiflex 650 PROPANE (SC 650 Propane) is a robust and stable machine, designed to be operated 100% from propane. This makes it very flexible in many different applications, since it has the ability to operate in virtually any environment (must be well ventilated or outside). The SC 650 Propane is great for outdoor applications where there are limited power options. Of course, you can also use the machine indoors, but must have good cross ventilation for operator safety.

The machine is equipped with a 22 liter water tank which provides a self-contained solution for wet grinding. This allows an operator to wet grind with no cables or hoses attached. With its additional weight and motor power, the SC 650 PROPANE is very powerful for its size yet efficient on fuel.

The SC 650 Propane uses a patented planetary system to drive its three heads drum, which are powered by a double-sided cog belt and gear ring. This design helps reduce the amount of stress and torque on the operator.


  • Motor: Kawasaki FX603
    Motor Power: 13.2 kW
    Propane Tank: 9 kg
    Grinding Speed: 600-960 rpm
    Grinding Disc: 3 x 220 mm / 3 x 8.5"
    Grinding Width: 650 mm / 25.6"
    Weight: 382 kg / 842
    Water Tank: 22 liter
    Other: CE Marking




  • This product will be shipped via a freight carrier using LTL shipping methods.

    Warranty: 12 months