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Collomix LevMix65 Heavy Duty Portable Mixer for Floor Leveling

SKU LevMix65

Technical data: LevMix
Size of mixing tub: 19 gallon (72 liters) 
Capacity: Max. 55 liters or 3 bags
Power rating of mixer: 1,6 kW / 110 V

Speed of mixing tool: 410 rpm

With this unique mobile mixer, a single person can handle all the mixing processes quickly and easily in one operation. Our exclusive paddle is designed to mix from the top-down (to reduce air intake) as well as side-to-side to break up clumps. This is ideal for floor leveling materials and is NOT available anywhere else!

For self-leveling: underlayment, overlayments, epoxy, fillers and leveling compounds---thin flowable materials.

Ideal for floor and tile layers