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Lavina® 32 Elite Remote Controlled Planetary Grinding and Polishing Machine

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The remote-controlled grinder L32RE features a super light and easy to use remote control and an intuitive touchscreen panel which provides essential operating information including: indications of power supply and power consumption, machine load, hour meter, tool holder rpm and option to choose rpm setting with tool input, water supply and lights activation, maintenance reminders, etc.

  • Completely redesigned frame delivers superior maneuverability and easy tool changes.
  • Dust-proof planetary drive with low-friction rubber seal protects internal components from dust and moisture, which reduces maintenance and increases service life.
  • New tool security lock on all models for safer tool attachment. And, with the introduction of our Quick Change Hybrid and Resin tooling line, we have eliminated the need for foam plates.Please note that Elite models do not come with any foam plates, and we can not supply those.
  • The heads of all 32" Elite grinders (electric and propane) have counter-clockwise / left rotation. Use the blue PCDs and Carbide Scrapers.
  • New Dust Suppression Fine Misting System with high pressure spray nozzles. Small water droplets effectively suppress and remove breathable fugitive dust particles from 0.1 to 1000 microns. In addition, water can be delivered under the machine at the same time for optimal tool performance. Upgraded water pump.
  • Easy-to-use integrated weights with 4 positions for adjusting the grinding pressure. With the weights down, you can grind more aggressively.
  • Improved dust collection efficiency. Adjustable skirt with a flexible brush for better dust containment. Also, the vacuum hose connection is now closer to the dust source, and utilizes a metal camlock attachment.
  • Added protection on 3 phase, 220 V electric models to prevent machine damage if plugged into high voltage.
  • New adjustable handle bar with multiple handle positions for more convenient operation and transportation. Make sure the handle position is locked when moving or using the machine.
  • Two LED lights for monitoring the floor. A detachable LED light (with a magnet) on the base in the front improves visibility, and a second LED light attached in the back of the machine near the floor helps monitor the scratch pattern.
  • Convenient integrated lift points for moving the machine with a forklift.
  • Charging phone station with dual USB 2.0 ports, 3.15 Amps for faster charging with a shutoff when charge is complete.
  • Durable stainless steel cup holder.


  • Horsepower: 20 HP / 15 kw
    Voltage (50/60 Hz): 3ph x 200-240 V
    Amperage (max): 60 Amp
    Dedicated Breaker Requirement: 80 Amp

    Weight of Machine: 1543lbs / 700 kg
    Grinding Pressure Weights Pos. 1: 562 lbs / 268.5 kg
    Grinding Pressure Weights Pos. 2: 660 lbs / 313 kg
    Grinding Pressure Weights Pos. 3: 775 lbs / 351.5 kg
    Grinding Pressure Weights Pos. 4: 875 lbs / 397 kg
    Attachment Speed: 300 - 1100 rpm
    Working Width: 32 in / 814 mm
    Tool Holder Diameter: 3 x 9 in / 3 x 225 mm

    Vacuum Hose Port: Camlock E300
    Water feeding (with pump): Inside & Front Spray
    Water tank capacity: 12 gal / 46 L
    Cable Length: 57 ft / 17.4 m
    AMG Battery: 12 V / 2 x 7 AH 
    RC Battery (rechargeable): AA 1.2 V

    Machine Size: 100 x 34 x 52 in / 254 x 86 x 132 cm 
    Crate Size: 63 x 37 x 63 in / 160 x 95 x 160 cm




  • This product will be shipped via a freight carrier using LTL shipping methods.