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Hairline Crack Fill Mix - Accent Enhancer - 2.5 Gallon

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Hairline Crack Fill Mix, also known as Accent Enhancer, is a 2-component mix that is combined with Stone Edge Surfaces Primer 100 to create a thick paste to fill hairline cracks or enhance, accent, and mottle the concrete surface during the topical coloring process to add a more realistic weathered look.

Hairline Crack Fill is used on concrete, concrete overlays, decorative concrete and stone veneer to fill hairline cracks.

Hairline Crack Fill can be integrally colored or topically colored or stained.

Available in both Gray or White in 2.5 gallon bucket

Most Common Uses

  • Filling hairline cracks in vertical or horizontal concrete, concrete overlays, stone veneers and other decorative concrete applications.
  • Color mottling or enhancing vertical or horizontal concrete, concrete overlays, stone veneer and other decorative concrete applications