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Dramatic Faux Finishes by Louise Hennings & Marina Niven

SKU CD_BK-LHfaux03

The same authors who wrote the best-selling, award-winning book, Painting Techniques & Faux Finishesand more recently Outdoor Painting Techniques & Faux Finishes now delve even deeper into the subject of decorative painting with their new book, Dramatic Faux Finishes. Realistic-paint finishes imitate intriguing and colorful materials found in nature, including a variety of stones and marbles, woods, metals, and leather. As is their style, the authors begin with a comprehensive look at the supplies and tools needed, as well as the necessary steps to preparing the various surfaces that can be painted. Techniques include some easy ones, like fantasy marble, decoupage, checks, and stripes. Yet even the more complex techniques, such as wood graining and creating murals are easy to learn from these experienced painters. Step-by-step, color photos and clear directions ensure success every time.