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Bob Harris' Guide to Stamped Concrete

SKU CD_BK-BHstam04

This instructional guide by Bob Harris will teach practical tips for stamping concrete as well as hundreds of design ideas. Stamped concrete has become one of the most popular methods to enhance landscapes and buildings. A rapidly growing number of homeowners, businesses and municipalities are becoming inspired by the versatility of stamped concrete and the wide array of patterns and colors available. 

Decorative concrete contractors can also prosper from the demand for stamped concrete by learning to create beautiful, durable stamped concrete using the latest techniques and procedures. Bob Harris’ Guide to Stamped Concrete is a full-color, fully illustrated, step-by-step guide that provides contractors with detailed information and practical tips to stamping concrete. His first book in the Bob Harris Decorative Concrete Collection, Bob Harris’ Guide to Stained Concrete Interior Floors, had been an industry bestseller since its release in February 2004- selling over 1000 copies per month through the American Concrete Institute, Portland Cement Association, The Concrete Network, and dozens of construction supply houses and architectural bookstores across the United States.

Bob Harris’ Guide to Stamped Concrete shows contractors where to find good designs, the five methods of imparting color to stamped concrete work, placing the concrete to facilitate stamping, and the stamping process from A-Z. With a complete, illustrated description of the entire stamping process, contractors can apply Bob Harris’ expertise to their own stamped projects to satisfy their clients with beautiful, durable works of art in concrete. The guide teaches contractors the skills necessary to produce quality stamped concrete, but also shares Harris’ professional knowledge of taking stamping to new levels of originality. From incorporating architectural finishes into the stamping design to blending a multitude of colors that mimic natural materials, this guide provides an in-depth account of how to go from ordinary to extraordinary with stamped concrete.

The guide covers topics of vital importance for anyone planning to stamp concrete, including:

  • Nine sources for stamping design ideas
  • Maximizing your profits by knowing what to charge
  • Concrete mix considerations for stamping concrete
  • Site conditions affecting stamped concrete work and how to prepare or avoid them
  • How to prepare concrete for stamping, including tips for striking off and finishing
  • Three important steps to applying color hardener
  • Tools that are essential for successful stamping
  • How and when to start stamping
  • Important issues to avoid when stamping
  • Fixing minor flaws in stamped concrete work
  • Effective techniques for the application of sealers
  • 10 ways to promote and sell your stamped concrete work
  • How to distinguish your stamped concrete work from competitors
Author Bob Harris, industry leader and president of the Decorative Concrete Institute, shares his stamping methods as well as the many tricks and tips he has learned through his experiences. With over 25 years experience in the construction industry, Harris has conducted hands-on training seminars in architectural concrete in locations around the world, and has personally placed and/or supervised the placement of over three million square feet of decorative concrete, including work for some of the major Disney theme parks in Orlando, Florida.