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2" Hex - Concrete & Asphalt Stencil Roll


The 2" Hex Stencil has been proven a great solution on DOT jobs including, bike lanes, bridge decks and airport loading areas, to increase safety. 

For existing concrete or asphalt surfaces the 2" Hex Stencil is used with a spray on coating with contrasting colors to improve visual awareness, the stencil provides grooving which helps to remove excess water. You can also achieve a slip resistant coating with the right application and product. 

Unlike other methods the stenciled area is flat which allows for shopping carts, cars, bikes, wheelchairs etc to roll over the surface without being bumpy.

This makes the product ideal for roads, crosswalks, ramps, stairs, loading areas to name a few for residential or commercial applications. 


Available in 1000, 500 and 250 sq. ft. rolls.