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White Bristle Chip Brush

SKU 62625
  • This chip brush is designed for flat surfaces

  • Natural bristle filament best with Oil-Based Liquids

  • Perfect for Small Projects

Chip brushes are very similar to a paint brush. The difference is, paint brushes may use bristles that will melt when in contact with certain solvents and are expensive (for the good ones anyway).

This is where chip brushes shine.

They are made with natural China bristles that will hold up to epoxy, glue, resin, stain, paint remover, cleaners, oils and more.

Chip brushes also have a wood handle, so they are firm and comfortable to use.

The best part, they cost much less than paint brushes so you can use them to apply sticky, nasty and harsh adhesives or even use them in a part cleaner with solvent and when you are done with them, toss it out.

What makes our chip brushes different from many you find at the big box stores or discount outlets is that our brushes are manufactured in Taiwan and glued in, so they won’t pull out and ruin your finish or application.