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Weather-Sil - Water-based Penetrating Silane Sealer

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Weather-Sil & Weather-Sil Extreme are water-based penetrating silane sealers that penetrate deep into concrete where they chemically react to form a hydrophobic barrier, preventing the absorption of water and chloride ion-containing deicing salts. Surfaces sealed with these products are more resistant to the damaging effects of freeze/thaw and deicing/road salt damage including surface scaling, spalling and delaminations. Weather-Sil & Weather-Sil Extreme protect and extend the life of concrete driveways and garage floor surfaces.

Weather-Sil & Weather-Sil Extreme are safe and easy to use. Their single-component formulation are very low odor and have a high flash point (>212° F/100° C).

Recommended Applications for these penetrating silane sealers
  • All exterior, vertical or horizontal cast-in-place or precast concrete
  • Concrete pavers and landscape blocks
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Can be applied to both new (over 28 days old) and existing concrete surfaces
  • Tightly-finished, troweled substrates (garage floors) = 250-300 ft²/gal (single coat)
  • Broom or open-finished, porous substrates (driveways and sidewalks) = 150-200 ft²/gal (single coat)
Advantages of Weather-Sil & Weather-Sil Extreme
  • Simple, DIY application
  • Safe and easy to use with very low odor
  • Protects concrete driveways and garage floors from damaging effects of water, ice and deicing salts
  • Protects against delamination from corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel
  • Minimizes freeze/thaw-related scaling and spalling
  • Colorless and non-yellowing – does not change natural appearance of concrete
  • Allows treated surfaces to breathe naturally, minimizing surface sweating
  • Penetrates deep into concrete surfaces and significantly outlasts other types of surface coatings that fail due to abrasion and oxidation
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs
  • Environmentally-friendly – active component goes into the concrete, not the atmosphere
  • Extended warranties are available for up to 5 years
  • Weather-Sil - 3 - Year Warranty*
  • Weather-Sil Extreme - 5 - Year Warranty*

* Requires completion of warranty application worksheet and proof of purchase

Packaging, Shelf Life & Handling/Storage
  • Packaged in 5 gal (18.9 L) pails and 2.5 gal (9.5 L) jugs
  • Shelf life is one year. Use before the “USE BY” date stated on product packaging.
  • Store in a dry location within a temperature range between 40° F (4° C) and 100° F (38° C)