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Stain Mule - Color Thickener Placement Control Gel

SKU SM 401

Used for Color Placement Control

Designed for job site color mixing for precision color placement to horizontal, vertical & inverted surfaces that are porous.

  • Non-Abrasive, Non-Fuming, Non-Flammable
  • Safer for environment & end-user 
  • Can be used on new & old concrete

View is application of product vertically showing how Stain Mule stays in boundaries of the circle, and doesn't run.  Product can also be applied horizontally and inverted.

Certain applications, i.e. water-based colorants, surface requires profiling using Surface Gel Tek’s Gelled Acid Products: Tek Gel™ for Profiling, HD24 Pre Grind

Stain Mule is part of the Flattoo Stencil System.

We are exceptionally talented at creating graphics for your concrete needs including commercial, industrial, and residential projects.  Each design is custom sized to your project.  It is necessary therefore, that you call us direct at 850-332-6150.

See application video for Flattoo Stencil System within photo gallery.

Application video demonstrating HD24 Pre Grind - our most aggressive etching product.  Application for Tek Gel for Profiling is the same as shown in video below.