Smith's Color Floor - Water-based Stain for Concrete (Concentrate)

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Smith's Color Floor is a water-based extra-strength stain that is developed to give a decorative natural appearance to concrete floors and other porous mediums. Specifically formulated as a user-friendly alternative to hazardous solvent and acid-based stains.


CF-930 Green
CF-710 Nutmeg
CF-700 Fawn
CF-600 Honey
CF-570 Loden
CF-290 Dark Chocolate
CF-280 Bark Brown
CF-270 Dark Adobe
CF-250 Desert Sand
CF-240 Mars Red
CF-230 Terra Cotta
CF-225 Mauve
CF-220 Pottery
CF-210 Sandstone
CF-180 Olive Green
CF-170 Moss Green
CF-140 Black
CF-130 Gray
CF-120 Antique Gray
CF-110 Natural
CF-100 White

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Smith's Color Floor - Water-based Stain for Concrete (Concentrate)

CF-930 Green / 4 oz (yields 20 oz)

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