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Hi-Gloss Sealer

SKU S-Hi Gloss

Renew-Crete Sealer is a high performance acrylic sealer, which leaves a protective membrane on the concrete surface that both waterproofs and seals. It contains no silicones, waxes or oils and does not chip of peel when applied properly. Formulated with methyl metharcrylate copolymer resins, aromatic solvents and special additives which result in an extremely tough acrylic surface that has many special qualities. Renew-Crete Sealer penetrates deep into the concrete pores providing unusual durability and protection. Treated surfaces shed water, dirt, soot and chemical contaminates to prevent staining and moisture damages to the matrix. It will also enhance the color of integral colored concrete or exposed aggregate concrete by giving it a “wet glossy look.” Because of the unusual characteristics of this formulation, it may be used for different applications.