Round Wood Table


Round Wood grain table mold. This high quality, extremely detailed mold will last for 1,000's of castings.

Ideal for production of table after table. The addition of a bowl (or any shape) in the center will transform this into a fire pit, ice chest or water feature. Build your own base or use in conjunction with Trinic's wood table base to make a complete set.

Weight 80# Dimensions 45.5" Diameter 2" deep

Estimated life span with proper care = 1,000

Suggested mold release = Wax / Poly Ease/ Vaseline and mineral spirits (remove residue and clean mold after use to prevent degradation)

Composition = 74-45 urethane


  • Typically, no release agent is necessary when casting plaster or wax in Poly 74-Series molds. For casting plaster: sponge, dip or spray the mold with Pol-Ease® Mold Rinse and then pour plaster on the wet mold to reduce air bubbles in the plaster and aid release.
  • For casting concrete, use a form release, such as Wax, Pol-Ease® 2300, 2650 or 2601.
  • Avoid solvent-containing releases since they can cause mold distortion (i.e., shrinkage or swelling).
  • After repeated casting with certain resins, plaster and concrete, molds may shrink slightly since these materials extract oils from the mold. The proper selection of release agent and/or barrier coat can minimize this effect. If shrinkage becomes evident, a light application of Pol-Ease® Mold
  • Dressing can help to restore the mold to its original dimensions.
  • Poly 74-Series molds last many years if stored undistorted on a flat, non-porous surface in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. If occasional outdoor use is required, add 0.5% UV Additive to the total mix weight to reduce the characteristic surface degradation caused by sunlight.
  • Never store Poly 74-Series molds outside as UV exposure will eventually degrade the rubber.

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