Perdure UPr Polyurethane Primer


Perdure Universal Primer is a one component, moisture cured polyurethane primer. It has excellent adhesion to sound, lightly adhered rusty steel, other marginal or poorly prepared metal surfaces and properly prepared concrete. Perdure UPr undergoes a rapid molecular weight change as it polymerizes into a high molecular weight primer with excellent corrosion, abrasion and high temperature resistance. It can be used as a primer for all Macrylex (MMA) based systems. Perdure UPr must be sued as a barrier primer applied in one or two coats as needed to achieve a pinhole free finish when applying Macrylex over an existing epoxy basecoat.


  • Excellent primer for variety of surfaces
  • Barrier primer for applying Macrylex systems over epoxy
  • Superior wetting out properties over sound, rusty steel
  • Can be recoated in 1 to 2 hours and can be coated with most resinous coatings
  • Corrosion resistant: Passes 12,000hrs in salt cabinet
  • Excellent high temperature resistance 

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