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Perdure BE58


Water based breathable epoxy sealer

Perdure BE58 is a unique water-based high solids breathable (moisture vapor tolerant) epoxy flooring top coat or grout coat for various Düraamen flooring systems. It can be applied in films up to 16mils without impacting cure properties. This product is ideal for any floor or wall coating project needing a high-build coating system that is moisture vapor tolerant, durable, with a requirement for USGBC LEED certification. Typical uses include corridors, lobbies, warehouse floors, light duty manufacturing areas and various residential or commercial areas.

The new waterborne curing agent technology offers Perdure BE58 high film-building formulations with unique performance properties. The micro porous morphology of the epoxy thermoset network gives it the ability to “breath” over substrates with high moisture vapor transmission – a major factor in blistering of conventional epoxy coatings / sealers.

  • Breathable (moisture vapor tolerant)
  • Low odor
  • Meets USGBC – LEED Low VOC requirements
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Long working time
  • UV Stable
  • Meets USDA requirements for use in federally inspected facilities