Pentra® (PCF)



Pentra® (PCF) is a liquid pore and micro-crack filler for concrete grinding and polishing. The final result creates better gloss and reflectivity. This reactive treatment mixes with the dust created during concrete grinding to fill pinholes, microcracks, aggregate pop outs, and other imperfections in the concrete surface. It cures into a durable surface that will accept stains, dyes and hardeners. 



• Fills imperfections during grinding operations

• Provides superior gloss and reflectivity

• Accepts color-stains and hardeners more uniformly

• Helps create a polished surface that is easier to maintain

• VOC compliant, may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)



300 ft² per gallon (diluted 2:1)   (7.4 m² per liter)

*Coverage rate will vary with concrete porosity and environmental conditions.


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