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Pellucid Dye Samples


Solvent based interior/exterior dye

Pellucid Dye is a translucent, UV stable aqueous acrylic dispersion of organic and inorganic pigments designed to penetrate exterior and interior cementitious surfaces. Pellucid Dye creates a unique, multi-colored translucent color pattern that unlike paints will not crack, chip or peel. Pellucid Dye is available in 20 standard colors but can be combined to create an unlimited color palate.

Pellucid Dye is recommended for most cured, unsealed exterior and interior concrete substrates. Do not apply to a floor that has been sealed until all the sealer has been completely removed.


Surface Preparation is the most critical portion of any successful flooring system application. All substrates must be properly prepared as outlined in Düraamen’s Technical-Bulletin-1.pdf. Work must be performed by trained or experienced contractors or maintenance personnel.

Test areas are strongly recommended on the actual surface of the proposed application. Testing in several areas of the concrete will better determine suitability, coverage, adhesion and approximated final results.

  • Mixing
    Pellucid Dye is packaged only in a concentrated liquid form which needs to be mixed with acetone in 1 quart, 1 gallon or 5 gallon increments. Mix Pellucid Dye into appropriate amount of acetone per instructions (this will depend on the size of the bottle purchased). Using the re-closable acetone container is recommended for mixing. Blend the mixture by stirring the open container, or by shaking the closed container for 30-45 seconds. Do not use any electrical device to mix the dye with the acetone.
  • Application
    Apply Pellucid Dye using an acetone sprayer with a conical tip, keeping the tip approximately 24” from the surface. Apply in a uniform circular motion, not allowing the dye to puddle. The concentrate should appear wet for just a few moments when applied properly. Mop up any puddle or excess dye with a clean rag to allow the surface to dry evenly. Allow Pellucid Dye to dry approximately 15 minutes.
  • Pellucid Dye will not freeze. However it is recommended to store in an area between 50°F and 80°.
  • All HVAC ventilation ducts should be blocked prior to application so that solvent fumes are not distributed.
  • After the Pellucid Dye is diluted with acetone, it is extremely flammable. Do not smoke.
  • It is not recommended to apply Pellucid Dye over carpet, tile and other types of floor adhesives.
  • Coverage rates depend upon many conditions including application method, surface porosity, applicator, etc.
  • Pellucid Dye should only be used at the recommended dilution rate (never straight).
  • It is recommended to seal Pellucid Dye with UV resistant sealers only.
  • Pellucid Dye is a permanent application. Please assure yourself of color outcome before applying it on the surface.
  • UV resistant, can be used in exterior areas
  • Very economical
  • Low maintenance
  • Creates a beautiful mottled effect similar to acid stains
  • VOC compliant when diluted as recommended