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Patinaetch - Reactive Concrete Stain

Color: Aged Buff

Reactive Concrete Stain

Patinaetch is a mildly acidic water based solution designed to etch and stain concrete or masonry substrates. The chemical reaction with the substrate results in naturally variegated earth tones similar to the oxidation of a copper or the patina of a bronze sculpture. Unlike paints or coatings, Patinaetch does not cover the surface; it rather works with the existing surfaces and possibly highlights irregularities.

Color Effects

Patinaetch comes in seven custom colors. The colors produced from these standard stains are unique to each concrete surface and could differ significantly from the color chart. Various colour effects can be created by…

  • Spray different Patinaetch colors on top of each other
  • Blend two or more Patinaetch colors prior to staining
  • Broad casting chemicals such as fertilizer, miracle grow, etc.

Factors that affect the outcome of the chemical stain (acid stain)

  • Cement properties and amount
  • Type of aggregates and admixtures used in concrete
  • Concrete finishing methods
  • Concrete age and moisture content when stain is applied
  • Efflorescence
  • Curing methods