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Macrylex CS - Low Viscosity MMA Resin Crack Sealer


Low Viscosity MMA resin Crack Sealer

Macrylex Crack Sealer is a 100% reactive ultra-low viscosity methyl methacrylate resin used as a penetrating sealer or to fortify extremely porous concrete substrates. Macrylex Crack Sealer is typically used on bridge decks, parking structures or as a general penetrating sealer to prevent moisture intrusion. It hardens rapidly with the addition of Macrylex Hardener, even at low temperatures.


  • Fast Cure for rapid recoat and return to service (within 60 minutes)
  • Ultra-low Viscosity for excellent absorption into concrete
  • Protects against water penetration
  • VOC Compliant (100% solids)
  • Full Strength in one hour
  • Use over wide temperature range – even below freezing