Aztec Spray Grand Finale – High Productivity Densifier Applicator


Aztec’s SPRAY GRAND FINALE chemical applicator is a simple, rugged, floor chemical application machine designed to apply floor finish, concrete densifiers, hardeners and sealers quickly and uniformly. The Spray Grand Finale features a spray nozzle and flexible hose to access smaller areas and is available in a 61cm or 91.5cm pad width, providing an easy, high-speed way to lay down a smooth, uniform coat of chemicals at up to 3252 square meters/hour.

The original Grand Finale revolutionized the traditional mop and bucket method, and saves the majority of the expense of refinishing the floor. One operator can apply an even and controlled coat of finish 8 times faster than an entire crew with mops. The Grand Finale also eliminates baseboard splash and puddling, reducing chemical usage by 30%. The Grand Finale is significantly more ergonomically efficient than mops and buckets, eliminating strenuous labor and injury.

A battery-powered pump precisely controls the flow rate to a microfiber or looped pad. Using a magnetic sensor and pressure controlled pump, the chemicals flow from the bucket through the machine and onto the floor, providing NO streaking or edge bleeding.

The Grand Finale is final step of the Aztec WorkSmartTM Sidewinder Stripping System, which includes the Liquidator (strip solution applicator), the Sidewinder (propane floor stripper), and the Guzzler (slurry retriever). All of Aztec’s machines are proudly MADE IN THE USA.

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