Hermetix Colloidal Silica Based Concrete Densifier


Colloidal Silica based concrete densifier

Hermetix is a colloidal silica based densifier for polished concrete systems that transforms ordinary concrete surfaces into exceptionally durable, attractive, colorful floors. Concrete surfaces benefit from the Hermetix densifier, displaying an attractive floor finish with exceptional durability. It is recommended for concrete floors where beauty, durability and use of environmentally friendly materials are important. Concrete surfaces treated with Hermetix densifier achieve stunning visual and functional rejuvenation transforming them into colorful and expressive wear surfaces.

Typical Application Areas

Densifiers that are used in concrete flooring typically are solutions of silicates that react with the calcium hydroxide is produced during the cement hydration process. Sometimes called liquid hardeners, they impregnate the surface of a cured concrete slab with silica, the basic element of quartz. They essentially complete the hydration process by turning this material into calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), strengthening the concrete mix.

The colloidal silica in Hermetix is suspended in an aqueous phase and stabilized electrostatically. It is a concentrated mono-dispersion with particle sizes ranging from approximately 5 to 100 nanometers in diameter. The very-very fine particle size distribution in Hermetix allows for rapid surface penetration, and the irregular variations in the surface area make rapid bonding with calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)2] in the concrete possible. It can be applied to freshly-poured concrete slabs as soon as it sets, while the concrete is still wet. It will also perform brilliantly with concrete slabs that are decades old.



  1. Use 1 part of Hermetic densifier to 4 parts of potable water
  2. Apply with pump sprayer to saturation, a maximum rate of 500ft²/ga. Keep applying to maintain saturation, approximately 15 minutes.
  3. Let the concrete surface dry, approximately one hour, and commence with polishing/burnishing process.
  4. Excess material dries to a non-crystalline powder that can be swept with a broom.



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