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GSPEC Fast Cure Hardener


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GSPEC Fast Cure Hardener is a zero isocyanate, ultra-low VOC Urethane-Amine curing agent used to cure indoor Polished GSPEC Flooring, Epoxy-Urethane Cement GSPEC Flooring and Resinous GSPEC Flooring.


  • GSPEC’s unique properties come from urethane groups built into the chemical structure of GSPEC Fast Cure Hardener.
  • The urethane structures give GSPEC 45-60% better tensile and flexural strength than competing epoxy-based flooring products used for Terrazzo and other flooring applications, resulting in superior crack resistance.
  • Epoxy cured with GSPEC urethane chemistry is self-priming and has over 50% better adhesion as well as superior chemical resistance compared to conventional urethane products – making it one of the most durable, flexible and eco-friendly flooring products available today.