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Flattoo Stencil System


*Flattooing is tattooing images into flat concrete surfaces*

The link attached is our stock catalog for Flattoo Stencil Systems: 

Stock graphics are $7.50 per sq ft

WE SPECIALIZE IN CUSTOM GRAPHICS!  From:  family crests, corporate logos, fire-station emblems, museums, etc.

Custom graphics are $9.65 per sq ft + set-up

If you have a concrete project, call us so we can brainstorm and make it a reality!   


In the pictures provided the circle medallion shown is in a commercial space, and the rug design shown is in a private home.  To explain the process the contractor has placed the Flattoo adhesive stencil to the concrete, and is now applying our gelled acid which is etching the image into the concrete and removing some of the colorant in one step.  

Here are a couple videos of application of Flattoo Stencil System:


Application video demonstrating HD24 Pre Grind - our most aggressive etching product.  Application for Tek Gel for Profiling is exactly the same as shown in video below.