Kingdom Products Fast Feather Repair Mortar


Kingdom Products’ FAST Feather is formulated to very rapidly develop maximum strength and attain a tenacious bond.  FAST Feather is  capable of filling voids up to 1” deep in one lift.  This material is designed to spread to a feather edge and be a transitional material from filled areas to the surface. Use wherever a fast setting, high strength concrete repair material is needed. May be used in conjunction with Kingdom Products’ full line of repair & restoration materials as well as any of the Impressionaire Floor & Wall products.

Benefits: True Featheredge – Easy to mix and apply – One component

Install overlays & floor coverings in as little as 30 minutes – Self-Drying, finishing underlayment

Provides a smooth surface for floor coverings over a variety of substrates incl. concrete , masonry, wood, terrazzo & quarry tile

Available in 10lbs pails and 40lb Bags

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