Epoxy Urethane Sealer

  • These polyester/aliphatic polyurethane cotings exhibit excellent characteristics for abrasion, chemical resistance, flexibility, weathering and UV stability
  • VOC compliant
  • Recommneded for garages, auto service centers, warehouses, computer rooms, laboratories, aircraft hangers and other chemical exposed areas
  • CLEAR SELAER is a one part, high performance, urethane sealer that covers 320 - 800 sq ft per gallon
  • SOLID COLOR SEALER KIT is a two-part, abrasion resistant and UV protection for epoxy build coat
  • Kit consists of (2) 1 gallon cans of Part A and (1) 1 gallon can of Part B and covers 320 - 500 sq ft per gallon
  • Solid Color Sealer can be coated with clear sealer for additional protection


  • Can be applied directly to the Epoxy Build Coat or paint chips
  • Apply with 1/4" or 3/8" chemical resistant nap roller

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