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Duro-Polish is a high-gloss concrete floor polish that achieves its beautiful appearance without mechanically polishing with maximum diamond grit equipment. When properly applied, Duro-Polish provides a hard, ultra-high gloss, slip-resistant finish that requires no buffing.

Duro-Polish is ideal for use on liquid silicate or siliconate hardened concrete floors, as the unique polymer formulation penetrates deep into the small surface pores of hardened concrete to create a resilient finish resistant to wear from foot traffic or scrubbing. In effect, you'll enjoy a high-gloss, slip-resistant finish.

For even more gloss, the dried surface can be buffed with a high-speed burnisher equipped with a hogs-hair pad or a white-felt-polish pad.

Applications for Duro-Polish

  • All interior smooth finished concrete floor surfaces previously densified with a silicate or siliconate based floor hardener
  • Over terrazzo floors and many types of tile and stone surfaces
  • Wholesale and retail warehouse and distributions, convention centers, stadium concourses, grocery stores, restaurants

Advantages of this concrete floor polish

  • Exceptionally high gloss with no butting
  • Sustainable, ultra-high gloss finish without buffing
  • Includes Teflon additive so as to provide slip resistance
  • Increased slip resistance - meets the static coefficient of friction requirements for ASTM D-2047
  • Concentrated, economical formula is easy and safe to apply and reapply
  • Gloss resists scuffing and scratching
  • Retains high gloss under scrubbing
  • Rejuvenates with dry buffing
  • Safe to use as a result of water based, low odor, no fumes
  • Dilutes up to 1:2 with water so is consequently economical
  • VOC compliant in all states and Canada
  • Optional part of the Duro-Floor Classic System

Enjoy all the benefits of Duro-Polish plus the added benefit of a stain blocker with Duro-Polish Plus.