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Duro-Nox HSC


Chemically reactive, water-based, lithium and potassium blended hybrid silicate,

liquid floor hardener, densifier and sealer.



• Use to seal, harden and densify all new or existing (less than 3 years old) interior concrete floor surfaces.

• Ideal for use in warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, restaurants, schools, indoor malls, office complexes, food processing plants, dairies, breweries, food lockers and bottling plants.

• Also use on freshly placed concrete floor surfaces after final finishing (see Precautions) to provide interim protection during construction.

• Use on stained, dyed, integrally colored or plain gray colored diamond polished concrete floors and counter tops to improve gloss and to harden and densify without causing discoloration.


Advantages of this Densifier and Sealer:

• Up to 550% increase in abrasion resistance and surface hardness.

• Does not require rinsing or flushing with water following product application. Eliminates the costly disposal of hazardous (alkaline) rinse water.

• Increases the impact and wear resistance of concrete floors where high volumes of pedestrian and/or forklift traffic are expected.

• Provides permanent protection to the depth of penetration.

• Reduces the porosity of concrete surfaces to improve the chemical and stain resistance to most organic acids, alkalis, deicing salts, foods, fats, oils and grease.

• Densifies, strengthens, seals and dustproofs soft or dusty concrete floors.

• Provides interim floor protection from stains and minor abrasion from construction traffic when applied to freshly placed concrete after final finishing.

Improves the adhesion of subsequently applied line stripes, paints and coatings to soft or weak concrete surfaces.

• Overall performance and life far surpasses that of conventional membrane forming acrylic cure and seal type products.

• Breathable and does not contribute to floor sweating.

• Increases floor surface light reflectivity, thereby increasing overall interior brightness.

• Surface gloss appearance continues to increase through regular use and with cleaning.

• Because of the chemical reaction when applied to concrete, DURO-NOX HSC treated surfaces will never peel or flake.

• Complies with USDA requirements for incidental food contact.