Dye concentrate for polished concrete floors, Duro-Color is the premium choice for interior concrete floor coloring. Using ultra-fine nanoparticles of dye combined with a very polar solvent system and also special surfactants, Duro-Color penetrates deep into diamond prepared concrete floor surfaces. When combined with other products from Nox-Crete'sDuro-Floor Color System, Duro-Color provides deep, rich color that transforms standard gray color concrete into a unique, beautiful, sustainable, high-gloss, stain-protected floor surface. Duro-Color is a liquid concentrate. Dilute it with either Duro-Nox LSC liquid floor hardener, water or any VOC exempt solvent depending upon the specific project requirements. Finally, densify the Duro-Color dyed concrete surface with Duro-Nox LSC and guard against stains and fading with Duro-Shield.


  • • Staining all new interior, existing or overlaid concrete floors using planetary grinding and polishing equipment for diamond polishing
  • • New and existing retail store applications requiring a decorative, low maintenance finished flooring system
  • • In new as well as existing office applications as a replacement for tile or carpeting
  • • Sporting arenas, convention centers, schools, institutional buildings, grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants and residential homes


Advantages of this Dye Concentrate for Polished Concrete Floors

  • • Available in 18 standard colors that can create unlimited options through blending
  • • Contractor or end user can, in fact,  intermix any color to achieve unlimited color options
  • • Easily dilutes with water, Duro-Nox LSC or acetone
  • • Customize the dilution ratio to achieve varying color vibrancy
  • • Chemically reacts with calcium silicate in order to form a bond that locks the color into the concrete surface
  • • Combines with 3-step Duro-Floor Color System for a floor that appears vibrant in color with a high gloss finish
  • • Transforms plain grey concrete into beautiful decorative concrete
  • • Does not etch concrete floor surfaces
  • • Apply in multiple coats to achieve deep, rich colors with greater intensity

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