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Universal Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty for 7" and 8" Grinders

New! Universal Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty


Made from Flexible 1/4" Thick Industrial Grade Vinyl
Fits virtually all 4"-5" & 7"-8" Electric & Pneumatic Grinders
Convertible Flip-up Up Skirt for Grinding Close to Walls
Made from 1/4" Thick Flexible Thermoplastic
Installs in Minutes • Up to 99% Efficient
Excellent for Wet-or Dry Grinding and Polishing

The Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty comes in two sizes. The DMHUD5 fits all 4"-5" grinders and the DMUHD8 fits all 7"-9" grinders. When the Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty is connected to a 2hp industrial vacuum it is the most efficient and durable Dust Muzzle available for right angle grinders

How the Heavy Duty Dust Muzzle works
The Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty uses a flexible collar, spacer washers and a set of flexible adapter rings to accommodate the entire range of collar diameters and grinding wheel configurations for both the 4"-5" grinders and the 7"-8"grinders.

The main difference between the many brands of grinders is the diameter of the bearing housing. This is where all dust collectors are attached. On 7"-8" grinders, the bearing housings can vary in diameter from 1.75" to over 3". On the 4"-5" grinders, the bearing housings will vary from 1.5" to over 2". The Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty has solved this problem. The adjustable fingers of the collar compensate for virtually all the differences in these bearing housings.

OSHA 2017 Silica Dust Requirements specify a HEPA vacuum with 110 CFM for diamond wheels 4 1/2" in diameter and 175 CFM for diamond wheels 7" in diameter.
To be compliant the contractor will need vacuums with the following specs.
110CFM Vacuum System   220 CFM Vacuum System

The Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty is excellent for grinding fiberglass, concrete, wood, paints and epoxies. It can be used with sandpaper, diamond cup wheels, 8" soft pads and wet-or-dry polishing pads.

Note: When the Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty is being used with a 7" sanding disc, a ZecTM wheel or any other wheel that is less than 3/8" from top to bottom, it is recommended that the operator purchase an arbor extender so the wheel will position itself correctly in the Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty.

Fits all pneumatic and electric grinders using discs from 4" to 8" in diameter
Excellent for diamond cup wheels
Can be used wet-or-dry and for polishing pads
Up to 99% efficient when used with a 2hp industrial vacuum system
Convertible for grinding close to a wall

The Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty is not recommended for 7"-8" grinders that have a bearing housing less than 2" in diameter. Use the original Dust Muzzle for these grinders.

A list of the most popular 7"-9" grinders with bearing housings less that 2"

Brand Model Original Dust Muzzle Model Original Dust Muzzle Model
    7" Sanding Discs or Zec Wheels 7" Diamond Cup Wheels and 8" Soft pads
BLACK & DECKER 4042 718 818
BLACK & DECKER 9513 718 818
HITACHI SP18T 718 818
MAKITA 9217 & 9227 717 817
SEARS 315.11571 718 818
SEARS 315.115041 718 818
SEARS 9" S/G 718 818