Concrete Stain

  • Available in 5 transparent and 6 semi-transparent colors
  • Sold in 1 quart or 1 gallon containers
  • 1 quart yields 11/4 gallon - 250 sq ft coverage
  • 1 gallon yields 5 gallons - 1000 sq ft coverage
  • Used for concrete or other porous surfaces
  • Interior or exterior application
  • Weather and UV light resistant
  • Requires a top coat, compatible with solvent and water based sealers
  • Fast dry time, low odor
  • Mixes with distilled, deionized or reverse osmosis water in a 4:1 ratio
  • Stain adheres to a variety of surfaces including but not limited to,interior and exterior concrete, brick, plaster and natural stone
  • Color can be varied by altering dilution rate
  • Use gel cleaner


  • Applied with an airbrush, pump sprayer, sea sponge, or traditional bristle brush
  • Can be sealed with epoxies, urethanes, solvent or water based sealers

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