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Colored Concrete Floor Epoxy 100% Product

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Colored Concrete Epoxy 100% Solids ColorTec 500™ High Performance Pigmented Epoxy 100

ColorTec™ Pigmented Epoxy 100 is a 2 component 100% solids, zero VOC floor coating system that is used in a wide variety of applications: high build color coat for a host of decorative concrete systems, a primer coat and binder coat for Dura-Kote Flakes and Metallic. Yellowing and blush are minimized by the use of a aliphatic amine curing agent for part B. For unique, job specific conditions 2 other specialized part B’s are available, Premium UV and Premium CW. See your SureCrete distributor for details. SureCrete pigments achieve the preferred substrate hide and tint uniformity in 100’s of colors. Note: On some bright colors, samples should be done to insure proper hide. The high performance, self-leveling characteristics generate the premier balance of strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance that is both user-friendly and extremely durable. ColorTec 500™ Colored Epoxy %100 Solids is ideally suited for any commercial or residential setting: manufacturing facilities, warehouses, bars, clubs, retail stores, automotive showrooms, residential interiors, garage floors, gyms, locker rooms, stadiums, or anywhere that an exceedingly resilient floor is desired.

Surecrete Colored Epoxy 100 Specs

  • Coverage – 100-150 square feet per gallon catalyzed product (varies widely based on application method)
  • VOC Rating – 0 g/L
  • Solids Content – 100%
  • Shelf Life – 1 year in original unopened container
  • Mixing Ratio – 2 parts A to 1 part B
  • Pot Life – 10-20 minutes
  • Ready for recoat – dry to the touch (6-18 hours)
  • Light Duty Use – 16-30 hours
  • Heavy Traffic – 24-72 hours
  • Full Cure – 5-14 days

Pigmented Epoxy 100 Specs Tech Data Sheet

Pigmented Epoxy 100 Specs Light Based A SDS Sheet

Pigmented Epoxy 100 Specs Clear A SDS Sheet

Pigmented Epoxy 100 Specs Light B SDS Sheet

Pigmented Epoxy 100 Specs Clear B SDS Sheet

Pigmented Epoxy 100 Specs Color Chart

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