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Cold Cure Epoxy

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Cold Cure Epoxy is a seasonally manufactured product. Call for availability.

Cold Cure Epoxy allows your crews to keep working right through the coldest months of the year!

Minnesota is host to some of the coldest recorded temperatures in the country. It’s not unusual to have snow on the ground in October and for the lakes to still be completely frozen in mid-May. The days are short and the opportunities to coat concrete floors are even shorter.

Ultra Durable Technologies formulated Cold Cure Epoxy to allow coatings contractors additional opportunities during these long, cold winters.

Cold Cure Epoxy is a pigmented, 100% solids epoxy coating that is formulated to fully cure (100%) in temperatures as low as 35° F and in film builds as high as 20 mils!

Cold Cure Epoxy is frequently used as a primer and body-coat within the UDT Chip Broadcast, UDT Quartz Broadcast, and UDT Industrial Colored Epoxy systems. To complete the UDT cold weather package, use in conjunction with UltraSpartic and/or IMPACT for Concrete.

In temperatures above 60°F, standard cure or fast cure epoxies are recommended.

Unique Advantages

  • Cures hard down to 35°F
  • High-build
  • Economical
  • Extremely hard and impact resistant
  • Low viscosity with great wetting properties
  • Two-component, 2:1 mix ratio