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1 Qt. Non Slip Additive for Sealers

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Anti Slip Non-Slip Additive for Sealers SureGrip

SureCrete’s SureGrip™ is a premium grade polypropylene with a micronized fine texture. It consistently out performs other slip resistant additives in durability, due to its inherent crush resistance. The almost spherical shape of SureGrip will also impart a smoother “feel” than most other slip resistant additives. Low density and insolubility characteristics reduce or eliminate settling when blending into all of SureCrete’s sealers. SureGrip is available in both sealer additive and hand-broadcast formulations. SureGrip Additive is available in two different particle sizes, medium and fine. Heavy-Duty = 840 microns or 20 mesh. Regular = 300 microns or 50 mesh.