1 Gallon Water Based Concrete Stain

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Eco-Stain - Semi-Transparent Water Based Concrete Stain Concentrated

SureCrete’s Eco-Stain is a liquid-form concrete stain that puts you as the applicator, head and shoulders above your competition. Unlike most concrete stains commonly used in the decorative concrete market today, Eco-Stain uses an eco-friendly, water-based formula that contains zero VOC’s and has no pungent chemical aroma. Unlike acid stains which perform a chemical reaction once in contact with the surface of the concrete in order to achieve their color, Eco-Stain is a penetrating concrete stain which gives much more control over the design and colors you may want to apply on your project.

The latest in eco-friendly “GREEN” concrete stain technology. Eco-Stain is NOT a acrylic, dye or reactive acid, it is a water based micro pigment that is UV-stable, environment-friendly and uses concretes natural porosity to create its look. Since there is no chemical reaction, when Eco-Stain penetrates the concrete it puts you in control of the color!

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