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1 Gallon Concrete Acid Stain - Vivid Stain (Formerly SureStain)

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Color: Amber

Concrete Acid Stain – Vivid Stain

SureCrete’s Vivid Stain is not a typical concrete acid stain. It is made from a very mild hydrochloric or phosphoric acid solution, wetting agents, and metallic ions (salts), and specially formulated pigments. When applied on concrete or any cement-based topping the metallic ions chemically react with the free alkaline in the cement forming oxides that produce the color. Unlike dyes that produce an even color, Vivid Stain produces the multi-hued, variegated, mottled look of natural stone. Vivid Stains perform similarly to other reactive acid stains, but with very little residue at clean-up.