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UDT Urethane Remover

SKU 402001

A low-odor stripper developed to soften and remove water-based coatings and some solvent-based coatings including urethane floor finishes from various flooring surfaces.

UDT Urethane Remover is designed to be safe for use on VCT and other vinyl flooring. However, it is always our recommendation to test a small patch to avoid potentially damaging the flooring.

Ready to use.

Coverage rate: 75-200 sf / gallon

Application Instructions

Clean the floor thoroughly
Apply remover - do not dilute per application rates on packaging
Scrape up remover
Machine scrub floor with brush or black pad
Wet vacuum to remove slurry
Machine scrub floor with screens
Web vacuum again to remove slurry
Machine scrub floor with maroon pads
Wet vacuum again to remove slurry
Repeat with maroon pads and vacuuming until clean
Test pH. (Goal is pH between 7-8)
Inspect floor
Allow floor to dry fully before proceeding with new coating.