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Mix All 60 - Vertical Shaft Mixer

SKU 1193988

The Lightweight, Quiet, Portable Yet Powerful Mix All 60 Saves Time and Reduces Labor Costs

The Mix All 60 can go anywhere and allows true one person repair work made easy. If you need to mix mortar in the attic to tuck point a chimney, the Mix All 60 is your answer. With its 110v motor gear box drive train it is powerful and quiet. For fast production, line up 2 or 3 and have one mixing at all times. The different paddles allow it to quickly and thoroughly mix mortar, stucco, thin set, dry pack mortar, epoxy, plaster and more.


• 3/4 HP, 110V motor
• Two 12 gal. buckets
• Hi torque gearbox drive
• 4" Wheelborrow pneumatic wheels
• 14 gallon drum capacity
• 12 gallon batch output
• ​Newly engineered paddle good for mixing mortar, stucco and grout

Mix All 60 Technical Specifications