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Macrylex S26 Medium Viscosity MMA Resin Sealer


Medium Viscosity MMA Resin Sealer

Macrylex S26 is a 100% reactive, medium viscosity methyl methacrylate resin developed as a sealer/topcoat over various MMA systems utilizing one or more body coat combinations of Macrylex B18, Macrylex FR and also directly over Macrylex Primer as a high builds coating system. Macrylex S26 is a chemical resistant coating specifically designed for food and beverage plants, dairies and areas having constantly wet surfaces with food and fat combination. It is suitable for use in numerous other applications, both indoors and outdoors.


  • Rapid cure with short recoat time (60 min)
  • Suitable for USDA food handling areas
  • UV resistant, Non-chalking
  • Good leveling and flow characteristics
  • VOC Compliant, Meets USGBC LEED Requirements
  • Use over wide temperature range – even below freezing temperature