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Deso Dye - Polished Concrete Floor Dye

Color: Black

Solvent/Water based dye for polished concrete floors

Deso Dyes are concentrated solutions of uniquely-formulated elements for use in indoor polished concrete applications where high color strength, ease of use and absorption are needed. Its super-concentrated formula is designed for dilution with a solvent or water to meet the demands of many indoor flooring projects.

Dual Use

Because Deso Dye can be diluted with water and/or acetone, it is dual use. Gone are the days of stocking both water-based and solvent-based coloring products.

A History of Innovation

In 2004 Deso Dye was the first dye in the industry to be used with polished concrete. Deso Dye has been continuously improved to become more environmentally friendly and provide even greater color performance!

Deso dyes are for interior use only. color will fade over time in areas where the dye is exposed to frequent UV light. The quality of UV protection in windows and doors may also determine the amount of time it takes before color must be re-applied.


Saves Time — Deso dyes come in ready-to-use 8.0 oz. containers. The liquid concentrate eliminates the typical 3 to 4 hour waiting time associated with powder dyes. Just add water or solvent. It’s easy.

Dual Purpose — Add water to Deso dye to make water based dye or it can be mixed with acetone to make a solvent based dye. No need to stock two different types of dyes.

Works with all types of concrete densifiers.

Deep colour penetration & fast drying.

An unlimited color palette can be created by mixing colors.

Highly competitively priced.

Deso dyes can be easily shipped next day via FedEx or UPS.