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E-Z Pour Joint & Crack Sealant

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The NEXT Generation of Polyurea For Decorative & Polish Concrete

  • Aliphatic Polyurea - UV Stable does not yellow or discolor from sun or UV Lighting!
  • 600% Elongation @ 83 Shore A Hardness more than twice of elongation of aromatic polyurea!
  • Longer Wet-Out time to increase adhesion to joint side walls which reduce joint edge separation!
  • Moisture Tolerant – does not swell in presence of water or moisture!
  • Package in One Gallon Kits either 4 Quart Units or 2 Half-Gallon Units
  • No expensive electric pump needed!
  • Half the cost of 600ml cartridges along with!
  • None of the problems you have with pumps and with cartridges!
  • Half the cost per gallon of 600ml cartridges!
  • 24 Standard Colors, Custom Colors are available!