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Scanmaskin Combiflex 1000 Remote Controlled Concrete Grinder

SKU 5830000

The ScanCombiflex 1000 RC (SC 1000 RC) is the largest model in our line of grinding machines. It is a robust and very stable machine, made entirely of steel and designed for commercial applications.

The 1000 mm (40in) grinding footprint is perfect for large commercial applications where high productivity is necessary

SC 1000 RC is equipped with our patented drive system that enables a stable and smooth grinding.

The truly unique feature of the SC 1000 RC is the Bluetooth radio control system it uses for controlling motion and grinding speed. The rugged, heavy-duty remote control unit allows the operator to move, with a joystick, the machine in any direction, and maneuver with precision in tight areas. You can also choose your speed and activate the “cruise control” for easier handling of vacuums and cables.

A radio-controlled machine provides a minimal load and no vibration for the operator while the grinding capacity of the number of square meters per hour increases dramatically. The built-in battery backup for the drive wheels makes it easy when loading and unloading, the battery is automatically loaded up as soon as the machine is connected to electrical main. To make your work even easier you can mount an extra front wheel to be used when you move, load and unload the machine.


  • Voltage: 380-480 V 3-phase
    Power: 15 kW
    Current: 32 Amp
    Frequency: 50-60 Hz
    Weight: 700 kg (1543 lbs)
    Grinding Pressure: 345 kg / 760 lbs
    Grinding Width: 1000 mm / 40"
    Grinding Speed: 300-950 rpm
    Grinding Disc: 6 x 240 mm / 6 x 9.5"
    Radio Frequency: Bluetooth
    Battery Remote Control: Li-ion




  • This product will be shipped via a freight carrier using LTL shipping methods.

    Warranty: 12 months